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Post Pandemic: Leaders Should Lead Their Organization with Purpose

Post Pandemic: Leaders Should Lead Their Organization with Purpose

It is said, “The vision of a leader see’s what cannot be seen”.  In essence, leaders take their vision of what they see as the next big steps towards the immediate future and lead others to a desired outcome that was previously unseen. No one imagined or could foresee what the massive impact COVID-19 would have on the world and the country. Organizations had to quickly shift to keeping their employees safe  and individuals had to quickly adapt to working remotely. Leadership had to dig deep to ask themselves and their teams how they could continue to innovate and further transform their business out of archaic processes and mindset. 

Adapting to a different style of Leadership is critical in a post-pandemic world. First, you must be aware that your people will be looking at your decisions with a microscopic lens. Each decision sends a message. Everyone  will evaluate if the values and purpose of the organization align with theirs.

We all know navigating through the pandemic has been one giant roller coaster, having to navigate through one colossal external uncontrollable twist and turn after another.  Every decision and action had ramifications multiplied many times over. Now, more than ever, it’s critical that leaders adjust their leadership style to the changing environments emerging from the pandemic. 

6 Tips to lead your organization post pandemic

  1. Sharpen your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Before the pandemic, many leaders touted the benefits of emotional intelligence (EQ) in managing a team. Now, as employees face the daily challenges of living, working and raising families all in the same space, EQ has become an absolute necessity for today’s leaders.

  1. Enable Communication and Trust 

At a time when teams are removed from one another and interact less, good leaders need to prioritize and model strong communication. William Vanderveer, CEO of Redefine Healthcare, said leaders must communicate more than ever for their teams to be on board and trust their guidance.

  1. Get People Involved in Company Decisions 

Your employees want to feel like they have a voice in major company decisions, including what their future work arrangements might look like.  Jackman Reinvents, a world class branding agency, used a recent employee survey to inform its new policies.

  1. Make Sure the Team Understands the ‘Why’ 

Remote employees have to learn to be disciplined and self-motivated to succeed, but they should still hear from the managers about the company’s bigger goals and why they’re doing the work they do.

  1. Listen and Empathize 

Employees should be able to turn to their leaders for support during these difficult times as they adjust. It’s important that leaders listen to their employees’ concerns and take them seriously if they value their teams.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Future

Remote work is here to stay, but there is still change and uncertainty ahead as everyone navigates the post-pandemic world together. Today’s leaders should be ready to adapt to those future uncertainties.

As the skies appear to be clearing and leaders  seek to find the horizon, they must see through the storm and prepare their people for what’s next. It is essential to reconnect, reunite and realign. Everyone will want to know what it’s going to be like when this is over. How will we move forward?

Whether working remotely from home or some blended approach between home and office, know that CULTURE IS KING. Relationships  matter more today than ever before. Cultural competency and an environment that is nurtured through positive relationships is a critical factor to the overall health of your organization. 

Each person to one degree or another is going to evaluate what they are doing and why.  This includes their work, who they work for and work with. It’s the leader’s responsibility to make it vividly clear the purpose of the organization and what it stands for. In doing so, you retain your key people that are engaged and aligned to the organization’s purpose. 

Count on this, the opportunities that will exist post pandemic for your organization are enormous.  You have to be ready and ready to move quickly or these opportunities will pass you and your organization by.  2020 was the year of reacting in order to navigate the external uncontrollables. 2021 is the year of being proactive to facilitate what you can control – the vision, aligned purpose and culture of your organization. 

Aligned Purpose is Here to Help

Aligned Purpose is a facilitated step by step series of shared experiences. These establish, reinforce and integrate your purpose deeply into the hearts of your teams. The result,  an aligned and engaged workforce. Aligned Purpose provides a customized approach to ensure it aligns with your organizations developmental goals. It’s time to focus on what will be, instead of wondering what direction the next external challenge is coming from. Let’s move forward together! Start preparing NOW for your company meetings and retreats.  Contact us today.

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