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What we do

At Aligned Purpose® , we believe achieving leadership success is a journey uniquely yours to discover. To be authentic you must know Who You Are, Who You Play For and Why You Are Here at the deepest levels. This is EXACTLY the same regarding your organizational culture. We help Leaders and organizations tap into their highest potential so they can do what it takes to drive transformational change in their organization for growth and sustainable success. 

Our Leadership Training

Increasing employee engagement takes focus and commitment, and constant reinforcement. What happens when organizations suffer from poor Leadership? CHAOS. Organizations with well-established and constantly reinforced cultures are the most efficient, most engaged, most dedicated, and have the most loyal work forces that produce consistent and sustainable profits. Our Leadership training solution can help. 

Aligned Purpose®  (AP)  is an experiential organizational development initiative customized to your company, your values, your mission and vision.  AP instills the purpose of your organization into the hearts of your people resulting in a shared language, common values, and meaningful commitment. 

“Aligned Purpose is the best of my best work – adapted and focused to your organization and your culture”. 

Bob Combs, Founder